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2013 – 2021 J.O. Program

In 2013, the Junior Olympic Program will implement changes in the compulsory routines and restructure the level with new names. This page was created to help answer questions that parents may have.

What's New?

In 2013-2014, the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program will be:

  • Renumbering the level system
    The new numbering system was needed to bridge the gap between levels, skills, and progressions, allowing for additional ways athletes can succeed and enjoy the sport of gymnastics. The Junior Olympic Program will provide 5 compulsory levels and 5 optional levels
  • Competing new compulsory routines (Levels 1-5)
    Every eight years USA Gymnastics compulsory creates new routines for every gym in the United States to train and compete with their athletes. They include: new music, dance and gymnastics skills and new combination of skills. This is done in order for USA Gymnastics to continue to evolve and improve, and provide continued skill development.
Current Compulsory Level NEW Compulsory Level, effective August 1, 2013
1 and 2 1 (The core skills from levels 1 and 2 were combined to create the routines for this level)
3 2 (The core skills from levels 3 were combined to create the routines for this level)
4 3 (The core skills from level 4 were combined to create the routines for this level)
5 4 (The core skills from level 5 were combined to create the routines for this level)
6 5 (The core skills from level 6 were combined to create the routines for this level)
Current Optional Level NEW Level, effective August 1, 2013
(New level 6 optional consisting of A & B Skills)
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
Explanation of the Junior Olympic Program (Effective 8/1/2013)

The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace, competing at more than one level in a year, if the coach so chooses.

The Women’s Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments.

  • The Developmental Levels 1 through 3 may be used as a non-competitive and achievement-oriented program for use within a gym’s pre-team program, or they may be used as an introductory/recreational competitive program. States may also offer State Championships for these levels.
  • The second part consists of Compulsory Levels 4 and 5. Both of these levels are progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous level. Competitive opportunities are provided up to and including the USA Gymnastics State Championships.
  • The third segment is Optional Levels 6-10. Levels 6, 7 and 8 have difficulty restrictions, while Levels 9 and 10 have no restrictions in the skill choice.

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Dr. Allison Arnold writes an article to parents and athletes communicating the re-numbering of levels and the focus on overall gymnastics progress.

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